Aster International School Bangkok

Aster International School Bangkok is bringing a new approach to international education to a purpose built campus in the center of Bangkok. Our enhanced British international curriculum will combine academic rigour with core competencies ensuring a well-rounded education for all. 

Our Location

Aster International School Bangkok is located in the heart of the city, just a few minutes from Silom, Sathorn and the Sukhumvit areas.

Our Mission

Our mission at Aster International School Bangkok is to give each and every student the competencies to make a wise and positive difference in the world in which we live.

Our Teachers

The greatest resource we have at Aster International School Bangkok is our teaching staff. Our teachers are fully qualified and experienced professionals.

Our Timeline

Aster International School Bangkok opened in August 2022. Our Admissions Team is ready to support and welcome you to our community. Contact us on admissions@aster.ac.th.

What is an Aster Education?

At Aster International School Bangkok will be delivering a unique education for our students by using an enhanced British curriculum from EY to Year 13. 

Our approach to learning includes the teaching of core competencies such as critical thinking, open-mindedness, communication and research work all underpinned by our WISDOM values.


Our youngest learners will  have a LEARNING WITHOUT LIMITS experience, where they decide how far their learning goes that day. Based on the EYFS curriculum from Britain, our students will free flow from one activity to another all designed specifically to ensure the students development.


Our Primary age students will continue to learn in a flexible and forward thinking environment. Our programme will allow for a concept and project based delivery of the learning objectives of the formal British Curriculum. Our Primary students will be encouraged to research, ask questions and take an experimental approach to their learning. 


The Secondary phase at  Aster International School Bangkok will have three stages:
1 –  Y7-Y9  – where our students will continue to learn in a manner similar to Primary.
2 –  Y10-11 – we will be offering the world renowned IGCSEs
3 – Y12-13 – At pre-university level A-Levels will be on offer. Opening doors to the best universities around the world. 


Beyond our Foundation, Primary and Secondary programmes an ASTER education will also offer:
1 – First Language Chinese
2 – Advanced Thai Studies
3- Extra-Curricular Activities
4 – Competitive Sports
5 -Global Arts Programme